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HASP 64 bit success story

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HASP 64 bit success story

Post by sealevel on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:34 pm

For the longest time, (like so many others) I've had the problem of perfect working emulator from EDGEtools in XP 32 bit not working when going to Win7 64 bit.
I tried to thoroughly read any thread that even came close to my situation, here, and at 'other' board. but always no success... figuring I am dumber than a box of rocks.
(maybe still true... but)
I tried every combination of dumper (even tho I had .dmp/dng from previous working emulator)... either link was gone, or something didn't work (dump file wrong size, was for sentinel..etc) but I kept trying... didn't want to keep bringing silly little green plastic dongle home every nite with risk of loss or it becoming FUBAR somehow.
So finally, other nite I looked at my .reg file, wondering why it would not work. Had Multikey 64 bit installed with no yellow bogus !! warnings. But why it didn't work? So I noticed in a thread of similar situation a reg posted by hasp, and compared to mine. Well, wouldn't you know? I jaspered around some settings and .....STILL not working! But then I notice that the reg file hasp posted for the user and MY reg file were tiny bit different.
Mine was missing:
everything else seemed the same format-wise, but I thought...'that can't be it', but I put in anyway.... and rebooted.
Upon reboot, system found SafeNet/Hasp keys and my application was running perfecto! I was so elated! had to double-check that the dongle was actually NOT in USB port, but yet program was running!!! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am after so much trying to get this to work.
So.... all that said?
I would like to thank hasp, BfoX, kjms, Git, Lomex and all from Re-Team for helping me get this thing working. I'm still dumb as box of rocks to this reverse engineering stuff, but feel kinda good I was able to finally fire up my application. The time I spent reading all the threads to get this working was definitely time well spent. You guys rock.
btw... I notice someone else here ask for assistance and was surprised to see they had same dongle password as mine. Is this common?
no matter... it so nice to have working app, and not worry about greedy software vendor charging an arm and a leg for lost dongle. Our company pays them enough on our annual SMA! sunny


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Re: HASP 64 bit success story

Post by hasp on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:28 pm

sealevel Thanks your words stay online here, you can learn much more,Good luck


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