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Is it possible to dump from an emulated dongle?

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Is it possible to dump from an emulated dongle?

Post by hebs on Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:57 am

Hi all!

Any guidance is much appreciated.

1 - I have a machine with a component that has a serial hardcoded in its that matches a serial held in my HASP HL dongle that 'protects' the software used to run the machine. The machine conducts time critical tasks very quickly.

2 - The component broke and has been replaced with a new one, but obviously the serial is different and the software would not load because of the HASP HL protection.

3 - I am now using Softkey Solutions HASPHL2010.exe (who modified the serial for me in the emulator to match the new component) and the software loads and starts correctly - however, the HASPHL2010 emulator is causing time dely issues with the software preventing correct operation.

4 - I have played around with the HASP2007.exe version which works 100% correctly with no time delay problems (with the old component) but Softkey Solutions are unable to give me the solved emulator for the 2007 version of the emulator with the new serial.

I somehow need to get the 2007 version of the emulator (or an alternative emulator) working with my new serial.

I am trying to use the 2007 version emulator to dump from the working 2010 version emulator in order to get a 2007 version dump file with my new serial. I have tried it on the same machine and using USB over IP from wwwdotusb-over-networkdotcom but they have not worked and the emulated dongle is not recognised.

Does anyone have any ideas? Can I make the 2010 emulator (with the new serial) appear to act like a normal USB dongle so that I can dump from it?




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Re: Is it possible to dump from an emulated dongle?

Post by hasp on Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:00 pm

post your both .dng file i will help you, also need hasp password.


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