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something you did not know, happened curiosity

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something you did not know, happened curiosity

Post by califor on Thu May 14, 2015 8:09 am

Hello brothers reverse, I come to a question that I do not know how the hell happened ...

Quite some time ago I made my first dump.. and create an emulator ,, (i´m God that day) Very Happy 

All taxes fine until ....

he had emulated version was (MINI) as hell do not know how to get a person with another key (PROFESSIONAL)

I started to play with: ... on this record, I said that if I change the hexadecimal numbers?

I started my adventure ... For example:

"HlkMemory" = hex: \
           E2, C9,3C, D4, BC ---> MINI VERSION


"HlkMemory" = hex: \
           52, CB, 3C, DA, B3 ---> PRO VERSION

Seeing this, I keep me as .... WTF !!! (Just playing with codes and testing one after another with the option "Restart.bat" succeed in securing the key with all versions available, without going to clone another dongle) .. excelent

not only I happened to me that with hardlock ... but also with hasp hl ... and sentinel ....

In the case of hasp_HL ... the installer program, required the same number of key serial ... the failure of the program was here, that he left me a message telling me enormous: its serial number.. no coinside with key. .. Ohhh yeahhh... BUG!!! Wink then with (Notepad ++) opened the (register) and change the number of the key, for the install number... and wualaaa!!! install the program perfect Smile 

For example:

"HlkMemory" = hex: \
           31, 35,39, 34, 30 ---> serial number: 15940 ...

          number of instalation  ---> 16552  ; result ---> (Wrong)


"HlkMemory" = hex: \
           31, 36,35, 35, 32 ---> serial number: 16552 ...

          number of instalation  ---> 16552  ; result ---> (Yeahh baby!! Wink )

In the case of sentinel, I spend the same (edit registry) and ready !!! program fulll...great!!!

Anyone can tell me what the hell happens here ?? hahaha

Greetings to my friend (prenumele) you are the best my brother Wink  .. also to: ovis25, BfoX, nodongle -> shares some infooooo haha Wink 

Thanks brothers reverse ...

 you soon.




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